"LMHM especially takes the audience on a special journey into the heart of her mother’s suicide and her interpretation of that moment of clarity is genuine."
-Providence Journal

"Martin, Hakeem and LMHM give extraordinary portrayals of the quibbling siblings. ... All three actors understand instinctively that humor in dark comedy comes from playing the roles straight."


"while in the busy company that doubles and triples, LMH's perky Blossom and Richard Cottrell's kindly signalman are especially authentic."

"Peachblossom (LMH), a spunky girl coincidently hiding from Byke's partner-in-crime...Holmes and Rosoff milk the wackiness of their characters"
-The Village Voice

"J. M. McDonough as the villainous Byke and LMH as Peachblossom play the earnest two-dimensionality of their characters forthrightly"

"The cast may be uniformly strong, but it's the contributions of the supporting players that will keep a smile on your face. ...As Peachblossom, Lian-Marie Holmes is a staunchly loyal servant to Laura, throwing words and her body into attack."

"Sarah Hankins is most amusing as is Lian-Marie Holmes as the street urchin Peachblossom who is eternally swearing devotion to Laura in her new life in the underclass."

And go here for the NY Times Review:


"a circus of operatic scale, a fun house, a tango of poetry and theatrical and sonic wizardry whose virtuosity renders the work in all its surging strangeness, power and extravagant beauty. Seeing both [parts] is an unforgettable experience, the production of a great masterwork whose fidelity and excellence are unlikely to be repeated anytime soon."
- The New York Times

“Of the remaining cast members, all of whom play multiple parts, LMH and Wayne Alon Scott distinguish themselves."
- CurtainUp


"LMH (as Pris) is spunky"
-New York Times


“excellent performances given by …Holmes"

“Caiola and Cowling make an amazing team as H.M., as do Fulves and Holmes as the older and younger Dr. Nebbens."


"LMH and Michael McGuirk play Adele's grandparents lovingly. It seems as though they've been brought to life from a yellowed, cracked photograph."


"LMH is charmingly irreverent as Sir Chiltern's younger sister, Mabel Chiltern. She clearly understands the subtle humor of Wilde's text, scoring many laughs and even creating a believable chemistry with St. John's … Lord Goring."

"LMH is a witty Mabel."

"LMH, a promising young actor who plays Miss Mabel Chiltern, has a good presence and poise on stage"


"...Director Sutch's main device to pull the story together is his use of the "weird sisters," the three witches we and Macbeth meet in the opening scene and who predict subsequent events. Sutch uses the same actors (...LMH) as the thuggish killers who do Macbeth's bidding. As Macbeth instructs the murderers, the director has them break from realism and hiss their lines into Macbeth's face, letting us see them not as Macbeth does but as the witches they secretly are, in this version."
-Providence Phoenix

"The three witches (...LMH) are not crones, but flirtatious, mischievous beings reveling in the evil they're creating."
-Providence Journal


"Lian-Marie Holmes gives her Hermia a delightfully perky horniness that, morphs into a spitfire of vengeance."
-Providence Monthly

"Since Holmes is very short, when her Hermia gets furious at Helena supposedly making fun of her height, it's especially funny."
-Providence Phoenix


"Look especially for Trinity Conservatory student Lian-Marie Holmes who, dressed like a Christmas star, does a tap dance straight out of a big time musical production number. Later she jokingly claimed the right to call herself the "star of the show."
-Providence Journal


"Others {cast members} are quite strong...including Lian-Marie Holmes's supercharged servant."
-Providence Journal

"and Trinity Rep. Conservatory student Lian-Marie Holmes shines as the maid. It's a thankless role, but Holmes makes it a surprisingly delightful addition to the ensemble."
-The Cowl

"You'll love Lian-Marie Holmes' servant, ready to perform whatever her master(s) need(s) at the moment, feisty and fast, the recipient of a Cinderella fantasy at the beginning of Act Two."
-East Side Monthly

"Special mention here goes to Lian-Marie Holmes, a Trinity Conservatory student who is in almost every scene and adds just the right spice throughout."
-Providence Journal